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More British buyers after the referendum ","Besides Norwegians such as Svein Augland, Swedish, Danish, French and Polish citizens are buying summer houses in Albania.
Deutsche Welle article also notes that also Ukrainians discovered this Balkan country last year. ""British buyers are showing high interest. I can confirm that after the referendum, their demand has increased by 15 percent"", it added.
The German citizen Hans-Dieter Blaser has bought an apartment in Saranda.
 “The price was very good for investment risk. The place is fantastic. I'm very pleased.""
Meanwhile, Norwegian Christen Dale says: ""We have often heard about crime, but nothing has happened. Sarandë is more peaceful than any small town in Norway. The only problem is the language, but we meet many people who speak English"", writes Deutsche Welle."
"Property re-evaluation procedure","The deadline to make property revaluation closes on February 28 of this year. For every property, subject to revaluation, whose value will be registered with IPRO there will be paid the difference tax, which is 2% for individuals and 3% for businesses.
President of the Notary National Chamber Mimoza Sadushi says that the interest in this process has been high and many properties had much higher values compared to the prices that they were bought. Sadushi said: There has been a lot of interest. There are citizens who make revaluation to bring the value of property in the value determined by the government as per the reference price. If the person wants to bring the property in the value higher than the reference price, because his property actually has a greater value, then he addresses the matter to assessors.
Sadushi: They verify the location of the property. I think apartments are those that are mostly re-evaluated, but also shops or territories and the citizen will always will pay 2% of the difference of the value that it has bought with the value that it has today. But if this interest is high, the deadline of this revaluation process will be delayed beyond February" "The project about the southern airport ","The Government has provided in the medium-term budget for the period 2017-2019 about $4 million for this purpose. According to the document issued by the government a fund amounting to ALL 420 million will be used for the detailed design and construction.
While initially there was mentioned the city of Gjirokastër, the list of destination places where the southern airport will be build has already added the city of Sarandë, Vlorë, Korçë and Fier. These cities are designated in the Transport Sector Strategy 2016 - 2020 as potential candidates for the construction of a third international airport, after Rinas and Kukes, adopted last year by the council of Ministers.
In Albania there are in total 12 small airfields, mostly covered with grass, which can potentially be used for civilian flights.
Location of the south airport has long raised big questions for the Government. This is because the new agreement entered into with the concessionary company of Rinas does not allow the construction of a further international airport in a radius of 100 km. In the summer of this year TV Report revealed the two projects for the construction of the south airport in Delvinë or Gjirokastër. The two proposals in question were reflected in the coast development plan. " "Tax on the right to transfer ownership over immovable property ","The tax on the right to transfer ownership over immovable property is placed on the buildings and all other immovable assets, on the right to transfer this ownership. It is paid by the transferor of the right to immovable property before making the registration, under the applicable legislation. The base of the tax regarding the transfer of the right on real estate on buildings is the area of the building, for which the right of ownership is transferred. The tax rate is determined in ALL per square meter of the tax base. The tax base over the right of transfer of ownership on real estate for other property assets is equal to the value of the sale of this property. The tax rate is determined in percentage and its level indicator is 2%. Tax liability is calculated by multiplying the tax rate with its base." "The Cheapest Places To Travel In 2017","This forgotten corner of Europe is a wonderfully off-the-beaten-track budget destination in an otherwise very touristy and expensive continent. With fantastic beaches along its coastline, including the fishing port of Saranda, Albania gives visitors the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean waters for a fraction of the usual price. Accommodation starts from as little as $5 per person and fishing trips or boat rides to the nearby islands are similarly well priced. There's also some fascinating historical sites across Albania that are either free to enter or cost only $2-$5. From the moutainous medieval town of Gjirokastër to the Roman ruins at Butrint, this is a diverse and very different side of Europe, which is definitely worth visiting before the crowds do." "Digitization of real estate registers ","The first phase for digitization of real estate registers has started. Minister of Justice Ylli Manjani said that this is only the beginning of a huge project aimed at avoiding duplication of names, a problem already faced at IPRO. Manjani emphasized the issue of the files which have not been treated yet and said that a solution will have been found by the end of the year, but he did not accept the fact in any moment that there are files missing. Meanwhile, General Director of Immovable Property Registration Ilirjan Muho focused on technical details of the project which involves about 250 experts. At the end of the process which has the deadline by 2018 there will be a digital register of real estate for 3,209,253 real estates" "Europeans buy summer homes in Albania","Citizens from Europe are increasingly buying summer homes and apartments in the Albanian coast, and not just because of the sun, sea and good climate, but also because of more favourable prices. “Albania has long been regarded as a ""blind spot"" of Europe. Foreigners who have spent holidays there are considered adventurous types"", says inter alia the article that Deutsche Welle has dedicated to Albanian coast. The article says that today, many Europeans are deciding on an even greater adventure, they are buying real estate on the Albanian coast. Svein Augland is one of the new comers in this country, because he bought an apartment in Sarandë last year, says further DW. “I only knew that Albania was a communist country and I heard frightening stories about the mafia"". My first impression: a nice climate, few tourists, good people and very healthy food. The most important thing is that it is easy to come from Norway in Albania because in the past we had a house in Brazil”." "National Tourism Agency successfully concluded its participation at WTM fair, London 2016","NTA successfully concluded its participation at the World Travel Market Fair in London 2016, which was represented with a dignified stand, joined by 15 Albanian operators and travel agencies. During the three days of the Fair, Albanian stand was visited by a record number of visitors and foreign tour operators, who received relevant assistance and information from NTA staff, and many of them entered into concrete cooperation contracts with Albanian tour operators. Besides various promotional materials in the Albanian stand, numerous visitors had the opportunity to taste some of the products of the Albanian farmers and a variety of honey products. Another innovation for this year was the invitation made by the Albanian British Chamber of Commerce and Industry represented by Mr. Zenel Hoxha to attend an introductory event on Albanian tourism at the House of Lords, in London, which was also attended by the Minister of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship Mrs. Milva Ekonomi, the Ambassafor of Albana in London Mr. Qirjako Qirko, representatives of the British Parliament, the House of Lords and many tourist operators." "CNN: Albania among 17 of the best countries to visit in 2017","CNN has listed Albania among 17 of the best countries to visit in 2017. “The small Mediterranean country is full of sun, good prices and untouched beaches kilometre after kilometre”, CNN says. It adds that the food is similar to Greece, but with lower price than the neighbouring country.
PM Edi Rama wrote on Facebook that this article shows that our country’s tourism is growing each day more. “Perhaps those who rank Albania among 17 of the best countries to visit this year know how to see what the people among us do not want to see in this country, which is increasingly growing every year as tourist spot not only because it is beautiful but also because we hear the best of it every year”, says the post of head of government. " "Orientation of foreigners to real estate market in Albania ","General Director of ""Colliers International"" in Albania Stela Dhami says that foreigners express interest to buy real estate in the areas that provide convenience, quality of construction and surrounding establishments, recreation. On the other side, this helps to creating other groups of buyers. She says that buyers from the Nordic countries are interested in buying real estate in Sarandë and Italians are interested in buying real estate in to Durrës, Vlorë Golem. Buyers from the Albanian Diaspora are mainly interested in buying real estate in Shëngjin, Gjiri i Lalëzit. After the installation of the sea waters cleaning plant in Durres interest will be increased to buy real estate in ​​Durrës. General Director of ""Colliers International"" says that foreigners buy apartments in Albania because all the real estate is second real estate, so there is not primary property.

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