Residence "Saranda Lights"

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Available units

available2nd102.582   € 750€ 76 935
available2nd91.21   € 800€ 72 960
available2nd135.653   € 1 050€ 142 422
available2nd134.293   € 1 050€ 141 000
available3rd100.32   € 750€ 75 221
available3rd94.921   € 750€ 71 186
available3rd100.362   € 750€ 75 270
available4th63.51   € 650€ 41 275
available4th89.631   € 800€ 71 700
available4th103.072   € 750€ 77 300
available5th62.461   € 650€ 40 599
available5th98.921   € 750€ 74 190
available5th91.441   € 800€ 73 152
available6th100.982   € 750€ 75 735
available6th62.491   € 650€ 40 618
available7th100.582   € 750€ 75 435
available8th1002€ 950€ 95 000


Residence "Saranda Lights" is in the center of Saranda in a 3-minute walk from the main promenade. The house consists of 12 floors.
The building is of high quality construction and an exclusive view of the apartment.
This residence is located on a small hill and is in a higher level,than other homes in the neighborhood.
Except from this,all the apartments have balconies, that all of them offer a beautiful panoramic view of the sea or the mountains, as well as the city itself.
Near the house there is a supermarket, a pharmacy, several banks and a variety of restaurants and shops with everything you need.
Nearby is the central bus station of Saranda, where you can reach most major cities in the south of Albania, as well as to the country's capital, Tirana.
A stone's throw away are the ruins of the ancient synagogue of the 6th century BC.
The selling offers are apartments with 1,2 and 3 bedrooms.
These apartments have all the appropriate furnitures and appliances, which are already included in the price.
It is possible to buy also a space in the underground garage.

The maintenance fee of the house is about 10 euros per month.
Many apartments in the complex are already occupied.

from 40 599 €
from 650 € sq.m.


Center of Saranda.
The Residence is finished
Furnitures and equipment are included in the price
Spacious apartment with panoramic views of the sea or the mountains.
High quality building materials.
Central area of ​​the city with good infrastructure.
Bora property has been working successfully on real estate market in Albania since 2007. You can find our office in the heart of Saranda on the waterfront. We have representative offices and services in Sweden and France. Feel free to contact us and – you will find a dream home and reliable companions. Ours mission is to deliver exceptional result and trustworthy services to all our clients.