"Saranda Complex" Residence

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Available units

available4th821 € 850€ 69 700
available4th60.71 € 850€ 51 595
available4th681 € 850€ 57 800
available5th106.12 € 850€ 90 185
available5th781 € 850€ 66 300
available5th175.22 € 1 000€ 175 200
available5th175.22 € 1 000€ 175 200
available6th215.53 € 1 000€ 215 500
available7th182.23 € 1 000€ 182 200
available8th73.51 € 850€ 62 475


In Saranda city is under construction the most famous Residential and Commercial building.
"Saranda Complex" will be one the most attractive places to go in the South of Albania.
It is divided from 4 different buildings and each of them has 9 floors.
In its interior you will find one swimming pool and parking places both for habitants and visitors.
Except from apartments and shops, will be on sale also offices. The whole project of the complex is modern and well designed,also the building materials are high quality and safety. From each floor you have sea and mountain view. Just few steps away you reach the harbor of the city, in a distance of 10 minutes max. on foot and approximately 20 minutes away you go to the main promenade and the city center. In addition, in this Complex you have the center in your home, as soon is also commercial building, means that will be a big shopping center where you can make your daily shopping.
Outside the Residence will be a big garden with flowers and trees.

from 51 595 €
from 850 € sq.m.


Near distance from the center of Saranda
Private beach
Stunning view of the sea and surroundings
New area with developed infrastructure
Resort atmosphere
Summer bar and restaurant
Opportunity to purchase shops to develop any kind of businesses

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Bora property has been working successfully on real estate market in Albania since 2007. You can find our office in the heart of Saranda on the waterfront. We have representative offices and services in Sweden and France. Feel free to contact us and – you will find a dream home and reliable companions. Ours mission is to deliver exceptional result and trustworthy services to all our clients.