ALL 165 million for maintenance of Kalimash tunnel

The bulletin of the Public Procurement Agency has published the tender announcement by the Albanian Road Authority for the selection of a company that will maintain the tunnel for a period of 1 year with a fund of All 165 million. Management of this institution has explained that it is not known when the contract will be concluded with the concessionary company, while maintenance of the tunnel is a legal obligation to avoid accidents.
Spartak Tarka, Director of Standards in the Albanian Road Authority said: Since the term of the maintenance contract regarding to the Thirra tunnel expires on the 2 nd September of this year, the Albanian Road Authority has taken measures to organize the tender for the second time so that the tunnel will be provided with maintenance. This is determined in the terms of the contract. We decide the term of 12 months after determination of the estimate because we do not have a clearly defined deadline issued by the Ministry of Transport that deals with the concession procedure. Albanian Road Authority executives explain that with the entry into force of the concession contract with the Turkish company the contract with the company that will be selected in the tender to maintain the Kalimash tunnel will be terminated. This is stipulated in the contract that will be concluded with the latter. Tarka said: Payments will be made on monthly basis to the company that will be selected the winner to provide maintenance of the tunnel and when the concessionaire is concluded, the maintenance company will be paid for the work that it has done to that date. But the government will continue to provide money from the budget for maintenance of the national road even after the concession contract with the Turkish firm has been concluded. This contract provides to award Euro 5.6 million each year for a period of 13 years.

25 August 2016

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