Apartments for 500 families in need, MUD project in the area of Shish Tufinë

Ministry of Urban Development plans to accommodate at least 500 families in the area of Shish Tufinë. This will be realized by using some existing facilities which were built in support of activities and needs of the General Staff of the Army, and which in the beginning were used as stables for horses and later as food warehouses. In order to establish a complex and adapt it for housing the ministry has requested to develop a study through an independent consultant. "Area 101, with the term "Food warehouse of the former military unit, located at Rrapi i Treshit, Shishtufinë, Tiranë, with a surface of 16 470 m2, will be used to build low-cost and energy efficiency facilities" says the document. In this area there are 9 existing facilities which are planned to be destroyed or to use any of them to provide support activities. The area is 4.6 kilometers from the city center and 500 meters from the main road. The Ministry once again reminds the eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to be provided with these social apartments. "Families who do not have a house, have a residential area below the standards and have incomes that do not exceed 120% of the average income of the region can benefit from the low-cost housing program", says the document. Regarding to construction of these 500 social low cost apartments, the ministry has determined also the apartment classification, as following:
Percentage proportion of classification:

Apartment studio/sitter – 10%;
Apartment with one sleeping room – 30%;
Apartment with two sleeping rooms – 50%;
Apartment with three sleeping rooms– 10%;
Likewise, it is also determined the area that will be used:
Apartment studio/sitter: 40 – 50 m2
Apartment with one sleeping room: 50 – 65 m2
Apartment with two sleeping rooms: 65 – 80 m2
Apartment with three sleeping rooms: 80 – 95 m2
The project - idea must include common facilities, such as laundries, kitchens or balconies. The Ministry has stressed once again the interest of involvement of public private partnerships in low- cost social housing schemes.

2 August 2016

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