Incomes restrictions to profit social housing

After adoption of the Strategy for the period 2015 - 2025 attention will be focused on law on social housing programs. The draft prepared by the Ministry of Urban Development has undergone fundamental amendments compared with the existing law. One of these amendments is determination of the income limit of families in order the latter could be provided with low-cost housing. Article 19, of the present law, provides for that local units determine the minimum and maximum limits of income, whereas the loan installment cannot be higher than 35 per cent of family income. The new draft law clearly defines the income limit by not leaving the matter to local units. Article 49 provides for: “Families who attain maximum monthly income no more than 120 percent of the average incomes and minimum monthly income not less than 30 percent, specified for every municipality, shall be chosen to be provided with law-cost housing”. In addition, the law provides another case for the level of income when low-cost housing is provided through a mortgage loan granted by second level banks, with interests facilitated by the state budget or the budget of local government units. In this case the maximum level of income shall be calculated by the program implementer, based on the average values of the sale-purchase of apartments in the market for each municipality/city, the housing standards, lending conditions of second level banks and the indicator of solvency, not more than 30 percent. The same draft also amends some other criteria for the beneficiaries where while in the present the total age for young couples is 55 the new draft law provides that the total age for young couples will be 60 years. In the list of beneficiaries there are added the returning migrants, victims of trafficking, victims of domestic violence, and families who have more than four children, who do not follow to actually belong in the category of beneficiary.

25 August 2016

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