Sarande real estate for rent

November - April, October40 €/night
May45 €/night
June55 €/night
September60 €/night
June70 €/night
August85 €/night
November - April80 €/night
May85 €/night
June90 €/night
July95 €/night
August110 €/night
November - April35 €/night
September, May40 €/night
June45 €/night
July50 €/night
August60 €/night
November - April40 €/night
May, September50 €/night
June60 €/night
July65 €/night
August80 €/night
November - April50 €/night
May, September60 €/night
June70 €/night
July90 €/night
August110 €/night
November - April35 €/night
September40 €/night
May45 €/night
June50 €/night
July65 €/night
August75 €/night
November - April40 €/night
May, September50 €/night
June55 €/night
July60 €/night
August70 €/night
May, November - April65 €/night
October70 €/night
June75 €/night
September80 €/night
July85 €/night
August90 €/night
The first line of the Ionian Sea, Huge veranda-balcony about 60 sq.m., Stunning view of the sea and surroundings, Private beach, 24-hour security service, Underground parking, Developed infrastructure
November - April55 €/night
May65 €/night
June95 €/night
July110 €/night
September115 €/night
August130 €/night
The first line of the Ionian Sea, Private beach, Close to the center of Saranda, Unique view of the sea, the town and the island of Corfu, Near distance from bars,restaurants and public beaches
November - April70 €/night
May80 €/night
June100 €/night
September115 €/night
July130 €/night
August140 €/night
Bora property has been working successfully on real estate market in Albania since 2007. You can find our office in the heart of Saranda on the waterfront. We have representative offices and services in Sweden and France. Feel free to contact us and – you will find a dream home and reliable companions. Ours mission is to deliver exceptional result and trustworthy services to all our clients.