Real estate for sale in Albania

300 meters from the Ionian Sea., Surrounded by olive trees., Apartments with a unique view of the sea, mountains and pine forest., Private protected area., Private Garage., Dining restaurant will open., A swimming pool under construction.
Lvl Sq.m. Beds View Plan Price,m² Total
Available 5 62.78 1 € 1200 € 75336.00
Available 5 58.00 1 € 1200 € 69600.00
Available 4 57.00 1 € 900 € 51300.00
Villas, duplexes and apartments., The gorgeous sandy beach, 100 meters from the complex., The complex is commissioned., Olive wood., Own territory with an area 24 hours secured., Free parking spaces for the residents., Unique view of the sea, mountains and olive trees.
Lvl Sq.m. Beds View Plan Price,m² Total
Available 23 114.00 2 € 1195 € 136200.00
Available 1 47.00 1 € 1300 € 61100.00
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