How does Bora Property do preparation and execution of the transaction?

<p>Bora Property is a professional estate agency in Albania. First of all you will be in touch with our managers who will provide you full detailed information according to your request, it may happen via e-mail, phone or in a person. Next we will be happy to arrange a free tour for you in Albania. Our experts will organize a trip, choose an appropriate flight; will assist with visa application (if you need one). Our driver or manager will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel or apartment. Our managers will show you properties according to your requests, we are happy to show you more then one city. You will have a possibility to communicate directly with developers. Bora property works only with reliable and proven developers who have all necessary documents for a legal deal. If you decide to buy a property our lawyers will take care of processing the transaction from a drawing up a preliminary contract of sale in your language and Albanian languages to transfer the certificate of ownership to you personally or by DHL service. The transaction takes a place in the office of notary public, the transaction happens in the presence of Bora Property Manager, you or your authorized representative and a representative of developer. The Transaction is made in a single day. <strong>The cost of such service is 4% of the property but not more than 2.000 euros from the apartment cost.</strong> Payment can be made only upon the transaction</p>

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Bora property has been working successfully on real estate market in Albania since 2007. You can find our office in the heart of Saranda on the waterfront. We have representative offices and services in Sweden and France. Feel free to contact us and – you will find a dream home and reliable companions. Ours mission is to deliver exceptional result and trustworthy services to all our clients.