Residence "Bougainville Bay"

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Available units

available3rd701   € 1 214€ 85 000

Sold units

sold1st88.981€ 763€ 67 898
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sold1st77.82€ 1 038€ 80 724
sold1st81.42€ 932€ 82 703
sold1st76.352€ 1 041€ 79 457
sold1-21153   € 1 100€ 126 500
sold2nd81.051€ 862€ 69 903


Residence "Paradise" ,is located in the new area of Saranda on the first line of the Ionian Sea and belongs to the luxury class.
This building, consists of three levels, the bottom on up.
On the first floor are two-storey villa (already sold).
Second level is occupied by beautiful 3-storey bungalow type apartment 2 +1 with an intimate terrace.
Each bungalow has its own veranda-balcony.
On the third floor there are two stylish 6-storey apartment buildings, 1 +1 with a spacious veranda.
"Paradise" has its own fenced area that is 24 hour secured..
Residence has a beautiful beach, pool, diving club, restaurants serving Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, dry cleaning and a massage salon..
"Paradise" is already finished.
At the same time one of the 6-storey buildings is in the final stages of construction.
The maintenance fee of the Residence and its territory is about 15 euros per month.
The Residence, is already hapitable. Families from Greece, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Albania leave there.

from 67 898 €
from 763 € sq.m.


The first line of the Ionian Sea.
Large private area with its own infrastructure.
Villas and bungalows.
Stylish design.
Resort atmosphere.
Diving club.
Massage salon.
Bora property has been working successfully on real estate market in Albania since 2007. You can find our office in the heart of Saranda on the waterfront. We have representative offices and services in Sweden and France. Feel free to contact us and – you will find a dream home and reliable companions. Ours mission is to deliver exceptional result and trustworthy services to all our clients.