29 September 2016

Bora Property has a special offer to rent apartaments in Saranda and we want to share with you!

This offer is valid from Octomber 1st !

4 April 2014

Just within a few days - you will see the best properties on Albanian real estate market, meet and negotiate with developers, find out the most competent information about the country and its property market.

26 February 2020

Albanska regeringen planerar att under 2020 göra ändringar I skattereglerna för utländska pensionärer. Målet är att attrahera alla pensionerade utlänningar som letar efter varma och soliga ställen med vänliga skatteregler!
Enligt det utkast som initierats av Minister of State for Diaspora har förslaget lämnats till parlamentet för godkännande.

23 February 2019

Visit our stand №38, and our representatives will answer to any kind of questions you might have regarding how to buy a property in Albania.

19 February 2019

We invite all our friends old and new, to come and visit us in our stand number 38
We invite you to have good time and to discuss about Albanian properties, investments and for our beautiful country Albania!

10 June 2017

The apartment is located at the new infrastructure side of Saranda.
In the interior you will find all the necessary devices and furnitures so your vacations will be more comfortable and like you are at your home.
From its balcony you admire a view from the Ionian sea and the Greek island of Corfu.

24 April 2017

Besides Norwegians such as Svein Augland, Swedish, Danish, French and Polish citizens are buying summer houses in Albania.

18 April 2017

Property re-evaluation procedure closes on 28 February and there is expressed interest in re-evaluating apartments

3 April 2017

The Government has provided in the medium-term budget for the period 2017-2019 about $4 million for this purpose.
According to the document issued by the government a fund amounting to ALL 420 million will be used for the detailed design and construction.

29 March 2017

The tax base over the right of transfer of ownership on real estate for other property assets is equal to the value of the sale of this property.

10 March 2017

Albania gives visitors the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean waters for a fraction of the usual price.

23 February 2017

The first phase for digitization of real estate registers has started.

16 February 2017

“Albania has long been regarded as a "blind spot" of Europe. Foreigners who have spent holidays there are considered adventurous types", says inter alia the article that Deutsche Welle has dedicated to Albanian coast.

9 February 2017

NTA successfully concluded its participation at the World Travel Market Fair in London 2016, which was represented with a dignified stand, joined by 15 Albanian operators and travel agencies.

30 January 2017

“The small Mediterranean country is full of sun, good prices and untouched beaches kilometre after kilometre”.

26 January 2017

General Director of "Colliers International" says that foreigners buy apartments in Albania because all the real estate is second real estate, so there is not primary property.

28 September 2016

Public transport terminal in the capital will be given by following public-private partnership procedure. Municipality of Tirana has opened the tender for realization of the project, works and provision of services, which close on 7 th November 2016.

15 September 2016

The owners who have achieved the right to compensation of property by Court of Strasbourg will take the money within three months. The total sum amounts about Euro 10.5 million and 54 owners, who had appealed the decisions of the Albanian state in six folders, will benefit from this sum.

15 September 2016

Minister of Economy Arben Ahmetaj stated via a Facebook status that he was enthusiastic about the data published regarding employment in the second trimester. According to Ahmetaj employment has increased by 6.8% compared with the second quarter of 2015 and 1.8% more than the first quarter of 2016.

1 September 2016
This country has an ancient history and the coastline is still unexplored in its entirety and is not influenced by the tourist masses, as it happens in Greece or Croatia. One of the most questions that I was frequently asked when I said that I wanted to visit Albania was: Why should you go there? Is it safe? But that's why you have to visit Albania now
1 September 2016

Durres city in Albania is able to show one of the largest ports in the Balkans and is a popular holiday destination for tourists who come from abroad, including the number of visitors from Russia, Ukrain and Belarus.

29 August 2016

Tirana-Elbasan highway has a new deadline. After three years of delays, the Road Authority says the disagreements with the Building Company “Aktor” have been finally resolved and the works in the segment from Sauk to the tunnel have started.

25 August 2016

The homeless are treated with social housing if they cannot afford to buy thereof, but to be provided with social housing certain procedures and conditions shall be followed.

25 August 2016

Kalimash tunnel part of the National Road will be maintained by a private company, until the entry into force of the concession contract concluded with the Turkish company "Vendeka Bilgi", which will manage the segment Durres-Kukes for a term of 30 years.

17 August 2016

He shared on the social network Facebook Policies part of the sketch project and commented on the initiative

9 August 2016

Construction of the Scanderbeg Square’s underground parking facility will get underway soon.

4 August 2016

Ministry of Urban Development (MUD) has launched public consultation and discussion regarding to the first draft of the draft law "On Social Housing Programs", with purpose of increasing its efficiency in implementation.

2 August 2016

In August, you can find flight tickets to travel to the capitals of the European Union amounting to Euro 3.8 round/trip

2 August 2016

Ministry of Urban Development plans to accommodate at least 500 families in the area of Shish Tufinë.

29 July 2016

The new product is called Swiss Visual Pro and is offered to the Albanian consumers through the insurance company Ansig and the reinsurance activity is supported by the reinsurance Swiss company New Europe, in the framework of South East and Central Europe Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility

27 July 2016

Based on the detailed data of INSTAT it may be noted that the majority of construction permits are new residential real estate in Albania. In the case of apartment building, most permits accounted for two-storey cottages, villas and townhouses

27 July 2016

Albanian economy has seen a growth of 2,96%. Head of INSTAT, Mirela Muca said that the main effect on this growth has been given by trade and tourism

26 July 2016

The resort consists of 22 elite villas, 21 individual villas, 65 attached villas, 136 villas - apartments and many service facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, bar-cafes, supermarkets, health centers, fitness centers, a public park and a luxury hotel. Location of the Green Coast Resort offers a variety of activities. Outdoor activities include travelling by boat, canoe ride, fishing, mountain biking, diving, excursions, tours in navy, paragliding, exploring of Karaburun caves by boat

26 July 2016

It is about an elite tourist resort with two-storey villas in Draleo, Municipakity of Himare, and it is expected to employ about 500 persons. This group provides the realization of another major investment, which is expected to take also the status of strategic investment in tourism, which will be in Hamallaj (Bay of Lalëz) where it is planned to establish a recreational tourism complex of high standards with total value amounting to Euro 26 million.

25 July 2016

There are 10 new projects intended for the roads system, starting from a new ring road in Tirana for which Euro 108.5 million are needed, 4 bypass roads in Elbasan, Tepelena, Lezha and Gjirokastra, which need Euro 24 to 35 million.

25 July 2016

President Chakrabarti said ahead of the visit: “The Western Balkans is one of our priorities. We initiated a new dialogue between the countries’ prime ministers two years ago at the inaugural Western Balkans Summit held at the EBRD’s London headquarters, and earlier this year we hosted regional prime ministers and business leaders alongside hundreds of foreign investors at a follow up Western Balkans Investment Summit, also at the EBRD’s headquarters.

22 July 2016

 Statistics say that 3.9 thousand Albanian families received subsidies to repay the mortgage interest. The funds go to other programs to improve living conditions, in particular, with the help of some of their faces partially finance the construction of rental housing and private residential property in Albania.

17 March 2015

Bora Property goes forward to exhibit Albanian real estate sector in the Scandinavian countries. This time, our company will take part in the property exhibition that will be held in the Swedish city of Gothenburg on 21-22 March 2015.

17 March 2015

This is the largest private German real estate project in Albania and it is the investment of the company "Lindner Group", amounting to 100 million euros. "Tirana Business Park" will provide 15 buildings, which will be used as offices for businesses, and 2 many storey parking buildings as well.

2 March 2015
According to the National Seacoast Agency perfect planning of area beaches will bring better management of this important public asset. Beaches are public property which may be granted in concession, under the conditions and standards set by the state.
24 February 2015

"Everyone who have visited Albania once, do not hesitate to come for the second time. Many natural beauties of our country have captivated everyone, filling the pages and covers of many of the most prestigious magazines and newspapers around the world. Tourism in Albania is increasingly considered every year as the future of this country, as the engine of economic development and people employment”, said Gjermeni.

22 February 2015

The Prime Minister said that it was important to build the road before the tourist season 2015. He also emphasized that all these interventions will turn the shore of Ohrid Lake in one of the tourist assets of the country.

19 February 2015
The biggest exhibition on the Scandinavian market was visited during the first day by 3629 visitors and during the second day by 2778 interested buyers, with a total of 6407 visitors and this has been considered by the organizers as one of the best resultsof the last years.
18 February 2015
The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto who was present in the ceremony said that works will start in March. "There are huge benefits resulting from this project, such as tourism, environment, transport. The project will lead also to positive impact in Vlora properties.
17 February 2015
The project about Vlora promenade, which has been realized by the Belgian studio XDGA B.V.B.A., declared the winner in the international competition that took place in early February 2014, aims at providing development perspective to the coast, in accordance with natural settings, traditions etc.
16 February 2015

The editor of the British magazine paid a visit to Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia in 2014. She was amazed by the warm hospitality and natural beauty of these places.

10 February 2015
We are a professional group of young people, who love our country and offer the best services to our property buyers in Albania and kindly invite you to visit our stand, number 29. “Bora Property” offers properties in the entire Albanian coastal area, from Saranda in the south, Vlora in the centre and Shëngjin in the north. There are much more interesting properties that we can offer in Albanian property market in 2015, and more Scandinavian property buyers are now investing in Albania.
Bora property has been working successfully on real estate market in Albania since 2007. You can find our office in the heart of Saranda on the waterfront. We have representative offices and services in Sweden and France. Feel free to contact us and – you will find a dream home and reliable companions. Ours mission is to deliver exceptional result and trustworthy services to all our clients.